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HAPPY 2020


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Are y0u ready for 2020?

Their will be changes. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be in alignment and the explosive energy burst will greet us.

This alignment will be a major boost for our soul.
The energies are aligning to bring about harmony on our blue planet, Earth.


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Featured in March

My Spirit Newsletter and speaking
In breathe I will be a vendor.



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It is always a good time for positive changes so I wanted to invite you, to come out and explore to trade in ideas of limitations,
To release any formulas and fears, For flow.
That you can access and trust.
To feel that everything is possible.
There are limitless possibilities.
It is safe to believe in yourself completely.
To believe in your dreams completely.
So I welcome you to the Thursday Night Healing by Soul Workshops with experts in their field

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I am excited to guide you on how to clear your Crown and Third Eye Chakras from my book Healing by Soul. It will help clear, ground and balance you in any healing form that you choose to use.







Please visit my doterra website but always feel free to contact me for more information!

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Tuesday Feb 20th – Saturday Feb 24th





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Healing by Soul clears the passages, the blocks. It is opening all the closed doors.  You  see the light.  To empower you. It Balances you from your core level to your Soul levels.  Why to your Soul ? You are here on this Earth in your physical form – your soul is within you, but it is up above also.

In order to fulfill your mission, every part of your being must be aligned in your highest consciousness  to reach your upper soul.  Healing by Soul through the power of the divine Angelic Realm reaches you to the stars, to your higher soul.  It clears your cells to circulate, balances your chakras, clears your past karma from past life so you can move on and not return.

Healing by Soul will balance your tissues and chakras and reconnect you to your past life chakras, to clear you- to enable you to fully clear the garbage,the clutter and chatter in your physical mental spiritual and karmic state, that is stopping you from remembering your mission in this life.


Rev Debra Soul, Intuitive Holistic Master Energy Angel Healer, Life Wellness Coach

Clearing from Your Past Life so you can get into Your Mission in this Life

with Ease, Joy & Protection

She gets the “Issues Out of your Tissues” so “You Can Step Into Your Power

All Chakras & Organs Cleared & Balanced – Mentally -Physically – Emotionally- Karmic


I am a Master- I teach – treat-clear all that is blocking you

 The  power of the energy of the Red Rock Vortex’s and The Angelic Realm guide me!