The August full moon, named The Sturgeon

The August full moon, named The Sturgeon,
is headed our way Sunday August 22, and it will glimmer like lightning through the night. It is also a Blue Moon.
The Blue Moon’s spiritual meaning always brings strong emotions, feels otherworldly, and makes us really ponder what’s important to us in life. During this magical celestial moment, it’s a wonderful time to follow your heart and desires.
Align your spiritual intentions this month with the strong and impressive sturgeon. They’ve survived millions of years by adapting and persevering through many different challenges. You are just as powerful and resilient whether you realize it or not!
What big ambitions did you have last winter or early spring that you most desire to see accomplished?

Let the Full Moon of Augusts’ energy encourage you to push through the final hurdles to complete your goals and intentions. Allow yourself to admit if you’ve fallen off track, and then dust yourself off, and try again.
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Don’t let the summer pass you by
Get Guided by the moon, the universe and
Debra Soul- Master Holistic Practitioner
Author of Healing by Soul –A Journey to Joy