Releasing Past Life Issues From Your Tissues


How Your Past Lives Affect You In THIS Life?

There are so many areas in this lifetime where past lives have a powerful influence. For instance, you may have an anxiety or a phobia when you are in certain situations, like being in small spaces, in high places like tall buildings or mountain tops, this could have roots in a past life where you experienced harm or even death.
 All of these experiences, good and bad, are recorded and stored in your tissues and
 are linked to your subconscious programs.
 So, any persistent problem areas in your life are most likely caused by past life programs.

Signs that your current life issues have roots in past lives:

Health Problems

Any phobias, past, present or recurring health difficulties: 
Any past life where you experienced harm or death will set up a trigger program that has the potential to kick in when you are close to repeating the same incident. These incidents can show up anytime and in any form, from anxiety to an all out health crisis. It can keep you safe from repeating whatever caused you harm from the first time.

For example: The back problem you may have has roots in a past life where you were thrown off a horse and broke your back and died. Get the idea?
 To achieve and maintain optimum health it is vital to make sure all past life traumas have been cleared.

My own personal experience that proved the incredible benefits of a past life clearing, was when laws in a car accident and had severe lower back problem was completely healed, when all of my past lives where I had experienced trauma to my back were cleared!

Finances, Career & Success

Past life experiences involving money, value and its link to basic survival, can cause money challenges, current and repeated cycles that ultimately block your abundance, prosperity and any success you desire to achieve. 
In-depth research of all past lives and a complete clearing to remove all blockages associated with money, prosperity, wealth and success will insure financial abundance.


Consider all of the past lives you have had; with all the others that are joined here now with you in this present life. It can become clear why relationships can be so difficult. All of the experiences that create an energetic mix showing up as a difficult relationship with parents, siblings, mate/s, children, teachers, boss and coworkers or others. This is another area in everyone’s life where clearing all issues with roots in past lives would be very beneficial.

Could Your Current Issues Benefit From Removing Past Lives?

What Are Past Life Clearings?

Any lifetime that has been lived in a physical body, anywhere in the universe, is considered a past life.
 Past lives, and karma have a huge impact on our present life. I believe everyone comes into this life with some baggage. 
It even goes back to your original deal or incarnation and the programming of your soul’s potential.

Researching and clearing past lives sets you free of past life energies and allow you to make changes in your present life. You still have free will to make choices for this life and walk the new path. To get to your mission in this lifetime!

I will quickly identify, delete all past life issues from your tissues from this life and all other past lives.

This amazing spiritual healing system provides an exacting, powerful, painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner being which provides you with the catalyst to creating the change required for your new reality and mission in this life.