Personal Empowerment


Are you READY to re-write your story? We are all entitled to a second chance, why should you settle for less than you deserve. I will assist you in letting go of anything or anyone that doesn’t serve you for the highest good and your highest being.

It is time to hit the RESET button


You need to know THAT YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CHANGE and we will work on it together via words or non verbally you decide via:

  1. Identify what is it that is holding you back energetically
  2. Name the change
  3. Give yourself permission to let go
  4. Forgive yourself
  5. Forgive others
  6. Set yourself free
  7.  Discover what makes you feel alive
  8. Create Your Dreams
  9.  Choose the life you want
  10. Declare your deepest desires
  11.  Allow yourself to step into the truest version of who you were intended to live
  12.  Live your mission in this life

Are you ready to really give this “living life” thing a go?