Master Integrated Energy Therapist


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), aka “Healing with the Energy of the Angels,” is the next level to Heal with the Energy of Your Angels. In the tradition of Caroline Myss’s “Energy Anatomy,” Integrated Energy Therapy developed at The Center Of Being, Inc., by Stevan J. Thayer. It is one of the next generation, hands on, power energy therapy systems that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good.

IET works on the premise that restricted energy flow results in increased risk of physical and mental illness, spiritual disconnection, and a general feeling of being ‘stuck’. Meridian energy can become restricted, but with this angelic energy healing modality, it gets the “issues out of your tissues.”

Blockages can be caused by suppressed feelings, stress, self-limiting thoughts, surgery, even past karma. During a treatment, IET practitioners connect with the ‘universal energy’ through their hands and use it to diagnose energy flow in the client. Then, using specific, gentle techniques, the practitioner supports the client whilst releasing profoundly limiting past energy patterns, including past lives. This energy therapy can be used alone or to complement modern and holistic treatments, including massage and reiki, which, although similar to IET in its use of energy channeled through the hands, is said to work on a much lower vibrational level. As a result, IET is lighter and more subtle than reiki. With IET the practitioner actually reads the client’s energy field on all levels physical, emotional, mental and karmic (past life). Each practitioner is a vessel for the angelic realm.

During a treatment, the client lies on his or her back, and the practitioner connects with the healing angels by forming a ‘heart link’ to the angelic realm, then uses their palms to lightly but firmly energize the core cellular areas for as long as seems appropriate. Unique pressure points around the body are then tapped with the finger tips to activate and encourage energy flow. At this point, the negative energy is quite literally ‘pulled’ from the core cellular areas through the client’s energy field. This differs from client to client and can feel to me like pulling out chewing gum, cotton wool, or even cobwebs. This is done for as long as is needed. Every point correlates to an organ of the body which has an emotional link. Examples would be the heart which links with the emotion of love, the stomach is associated with your power system.

Loving, positive energy is then channeled and reintegrated back into the newly cleansed cellular area so as not to leave a void and to restore balance. The feet and ankles are then massaged in order to ground the client, and the energy is brought back down from head to ground through a series of sweeping hand movements. Throughout, the client has his or her eyes closed, is fully clothed, and feels nothing other than gentle, occasional touch. Clients often, however, respond on a deeper level by going into a state of deep relaxation and feeling pure joy afterwards.