Benefits And Uses Of doTERRA Essential Oils

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Benefits for Baby Massage

doTERRA Lavender has great benefits for baby massage. Benefits include:

  • Develop mentally, socially, and physically
  • Improve weight gain
  • Sleep better
  • Cry and fuss less
  • Stay relaxed
  • Aid in digestion
  • Improve circulation
  • Bond more securely

Soothing strokes stimulate the production of oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone in both you and your baby. Massage is great for working parents to connect, and for moms at risk for postpartum depression.

Benefits for TMJ

Essential oils can be used to relieve TMJ. Some of the most effective oils include tension blend, peppermint, frankincense, lavender, and soothing blend.

doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils vs. OTC Drugs

You have a choice! Would you rather give your family a pure alternative to OTC drugs?

  • Lavender: Neosporin, Tylenol, Aleve, Motrin, Tylenol PM, Sleeping Aids
  • Deep Blue: Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, Bengay, ThermaCare
  • Melaleuca: Throat Lozenges, Ear Drops, Nyquil, Dayquil, Neosporin, Ricoloa
  • Oregano: Nyquil, Dayquil, Freeze Away, Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, Throat Lozenges, Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Mylanta
  • DigestZen: Pepto-Bismol, Immodium AD, Tums, Mylanta, Laxatives, Prilosec
  • Peppermint: Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Immodium AD, Energy Drinks, No-Doze, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Zyrtec, Claritin
  • Lemon: Tylenol, Motrin, Children’s Tylenol and Motrin, Throat Lozenges, Immodium AD, Pepto-Bismol, Mylanta, Tums
  • Breathe: Inhalers, Vicks, Nyquil, Dayquil, Shower Soothers, Vaporizer Refills

The list goes on… Fill your home medicine chest with safe, pure, and effective doTERRA CPTG essential oils.

Use these Essential Oil Shot Recipes When Sick

  • Allergy Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in 2 tablespoons of warm water 3 times daily.
  • Cold and Flu Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of On Guard, Lemon, and Peppermint in 2 tablespoons of warm water 3 times daily.
  • Sore Throat Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of Lemon and Melaleuca in 2 tablespoons of warm water 3 times daily.
  • Digestive Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of DigestZen, Peppermint, and Lemon in 2 tablespoons of warm water 3 times daily.
  • The Bomb Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of On Guard, Lemon, Peppermint, Thyme, and Frankincense in 2 tablespoons warm water 3 times daily. Worse than a cold shot.
  • Slim and Sassy Shot: Gargle and swallow 8 drops of Slim and Sassy in 3 tablespoons warm water 3 times daily.
  • Canker Sore/Cold Sore Shot: Gargle and swallow 2 drops each of Melissa and Melaleuca in 2 tablespoons of warm water 3 times daily.

Use for Fighting the Flu

Get your flu shot in a bottle with the following blend:

  • 18 drops Lemon
  • 10 drops Oregano
  • 14 drops On Guard
  • 14 drops Melaleuca
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Use for Clearing Your Sinuses

Take as needed first two days, then 1-3 times daily for two days after symptoms subside. In a veggie capsule, mix the following:

  • 3 drops Oregano
  • 3 drops Rosemary
  • 3 drops On Guard
  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Myrrh (clears congestion)

Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras

Chakra Recommended Oils Where To Apply
Crown Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Gathering, Inspiration, Three Wise Men Top of the head
Third Eye Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lavendar, Awaken, Dream Catcher, Transformation, White Angelica Between the eyebrows
Throat Bergamot, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Believe, Valor, Envision, Hope Throat area
Heart Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Joy, Acceptance, Humility Chest area over the heart
Solar Plexus Fennel, Juniper, Lemongrass, Harmony, E-R-Gee, Acceptance, Release, Sacred Mountain Between the navel and the rib cage
Sacral or Navel Clary Sage, Rosewood, Patchouli, Peace & Calming, Harmony, Inner Child, Forgiveness Slightly below the navel
Root or Base Ginger, Cypress, Sandalwood, Valor, Abundance, Grounding Base of spine of bottom of the feet

Diffuser Blends

  • Sweet Dreams: 3 drops Serenity, 2 drops Wild Orange
  • Sonoma Bliss: 3 drops Citrus Bliss, 2 drops Rosemary
  • Stress Buster: 2 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Elevation
  • Fall Is In The Air: 2 drops Arborvitae, 2 drops Cardamom, 2 drops Cassia
  • Genius Blend: 2 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Peppermint
  • Immune Booster: 3 drops On Guard, 2 drops Lemon, 1 drop Oregano
  • Happy Happy Happy: 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Lime, 2 drops Wild Orange
  • Stink Away: 3 drops Purify, 2 drops Lemon
  • After The Rain: 3 drops Vetiver, 2 drops Lemon, 1 drop Peppermint
  • Grateful Heart: 1 drop Ginger, 1 drop Cinnamon, 2 drops Coriander, 1 drop Clove

An Essential Oil Pregnancy

Morning Sickness:

  • Peppermint: Inhale or put drops on the tongue
  • Lemon: Drink a couple drops in a GLASS of water
  • On Guard: 2-4 drops on the bottom of the feet
  • Grapefruit: Inhale


  • Lavender: Inhale and place drops on the tongue
  • Change in Diet: Eat lots of protein and get good quality mineral salt in your diet, drink 1/2 body weight in pure plain water


  • Lemon and Lavender: Use 1 drop lemon and 4 drops Lavender on the tongue; use with carrier oil on the feet, ankles, and legs massage toward the heart

Itchy Skin:

  • ClaraDerm Spray: Apply on location topically
  • 1 drop Rose oil and 1 drop Peppermint with 1/2 teaspoon sea salt in bath water
  • 1 drop Lavender on affected area with carrier oil


  • Wild Orange & Peppermint-   1 drop peppermint 3 drops wild orange on the back of neck
  • Peppermint: 1 drop on the back and on the ribs on each side; 1 drop on the feet
  • Lemon: 1-2 drops in a GLASS of water
  • Grapefruit: 1-2 drops in a GLASS of water

Emotional Support:

  • Peace  Promotes a peaceful rest
  • Serenity, Bergoment: For mental rigidity, restore equilibrium
  • forgive: Promotes strength, courage, and self-esteem


  • Lavender: Topical on forehead, temples, and back of neck; inhale
  • Peppermint: Topical on forehead, temples, and back of neck; inhale; also put drop on thumb and press to roof of mouth as far back as you can for 15-20 seconds
  • Past Tense: Rub on topically to headache/migraine points


  • Peppermint: Put 1 drop in GLASS of water and drink, place a drop under the tongue, mix 1 drops with 2 drops lemon and a carrier oil and apply over the breastbone
  • Ginger: Ingest 1 drop in a tea or apply on the chest with a carrier oil

Stretch Marks

  • Grapefruit: 1-2 drops with a carrier oil applied over the abdomen or stretch marks


  • Peace: Apply on feet at nap or bedtime. Also good to diffuse 30 minutes before going to bed
  • Lavender: Apply on feet at nap or bedtime, rub a drop on your pillow, place a couple drops in bathwater, diffuse 30 minutes before bed, make up a spray bottle with a few drops and water and spray on sheets (note: if you add a pinch of Epsom salt to bottom of spray bottle and drop oils onto it before adding water, it will help them disperse better and prevent your spray bottle from clogging)
  • Vetiveer: Apply on feet

Foot Reflexology and Oil Usage