Unity Reverend Debra Soul, is an Integrated Energy Therapy, aka
“Healing with the Angels” Master, Instructor and Practitioner,
whose expertise lies in reading your Energy Fields and getting all your
“Issues out of your Tissues”.

She is humbly blessed to be a vessel for the Angelic Realm.

She is an intuitive, who can feel –interpret- flow- clear –
your energy patterns –release from your past life – empower you –
so you can “Step into your Power” with ease & joy and
fill you with abundance in this lifetime!

From her past work with Early Intervention, she brings 30 years of experience to the table.
Her knowledge of social work skills combined with her
Intuitive Holistic Energy Wellness Life Coaching, makes her a grounded,
well rounded Healer who is empathetic yet empowering.

Reverend Soul also practices Energy Healing through EFT (tapping)
for those who wish to tell their story, Chakra Clearing,
Emotion Code and Muscle Testing. She reads Angel Cards
and receives Messages from Above. She is an Aromatherapist & Aroma- Touch Massage Therapist.

She creates Vision Boards and Wishing Bowls.

If you are seeking a Unique Wedding Ceremony she will help you create that too!

Private/ group sessions & workshops offered.
Unity Reverend Debra Soul