Corona Virus Solutions

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear out there about the Corona Virus


What does Corona mean in English? It means “Crown”

This is the time for us to tune into our Crown Chakra aka higher selves and be one with Source/God/Your Higher Power.

Surrender, Pray, Meditate, Reflect, Purify

Those are all great to do but how do you get out of your fear?

FEAR is just:

False  Emotion   Appearing   Real



Get unfrozen –flip your thoughts and take

precautionary steps.

As a Master Holistic Practitioner here are a few recommendations I am making:


Wash your hands for 20 seconds and don’t touch your face

Wear gloves and a mask when you go out

You can make a mask if you don’t have- use a bandana and you can make antibacterial soap with Alcohol and Aloe.

Keep away from large crowds and when with people protect yourself with the intention of a protective shield.


High quality and pure essential oils are nature’s pharmaceuticals. Doterra is a great high quality brand.

Onguard assists in killing Virus

Oregano natural antibiotic

Lemon kills most germs


Citrine is a great crystal to hold healthy intentions

Sage yourself and others around you


I am sending to each and everyone Healing by Soul Energy Healing and surrounding you in a bubble of white light sealed for protection.

Be safe

Be smart

Long distance healing is being done right now and hands on healing will resume at the end of next week.


If you want a healing and calming private session or essential oils please reach out to me.

I am here for you

Much love and many blessings

Debra Soul

347 968 0908

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