Full Moon and New Moon October 2019

Since the beginning of October, there have been some tense cosmic energies on the rise. Perhaps you have been feeling this in your own life and wondering when you will find some relief. Well, that relief is coming with the October Full Moon.
Falling in the sign of Aries, the October 13th Full Moon is going to help cut cords of tension so we can relax and feel free. If you have been feeling highly strung, easily frustrated, or overwhelmed, there is a huge release point on offer to us under the bright Full Moon.
In order to use this energy to our fullest advantage, we have to do some work to snip the cords and release ourselves from the shackles we have become bound by.
What limitations have we been working with that are preventing us from moving forward? What thoughts or beliefs have been blocking our progress and standing in our way?
If we open and surrender to these questions under the light of the Full Moon, we will be guided to snip the cords, unlock the doors, and help free ourselves from any self-imposed barriers we have been hiding behind.
Pluto will also be very active under this Full Moon too and will be encouraging us to keep shedding the layers that hold us back so we can rise into our fullest power.
We have to remove the armor, padding, and masks we have been protecting ourselves with and allow them to fall away. The time to free ourselves is now. The time to be our true selves is now, and we can’t do that when we are hiding.
Just like the Moon will shine brightly in the night sky for all to see, we too have to step up and allow our own energy to shine for the entire world to see.
We need to come forward out of the shadows and not be afraid to share our energy with the world. After all, that is why we are here. That is why our souls bothered to make this courageous, scary, and beautiful journey down to Earth in the first place- to share who we are with the world.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled over by the energy of number one, which is about leadership, ownership, and showing up exactly as we are, free of attachments and insecurities and just ready to bring all of who we are into the world.

Along with guiding us to release the shackles that hold us back, this Full Moon is also going to be challenging us in our relationships. It wants us to make sure we are not hiding away our true selves or sacrificing too much in order to make those around us comfortable.
Come work out all your issues in Healing Workshops by Soul starting October 17 with finding your Angels to guide you in this first of healing workshops by Soul and a team of experts in their fields.

Workshops will be hands on and streamed live.

Full moon special prepay for 3 get 1 free.

Healing Workshops with Soul

October 17   7- 9 pm

Connecting with your personal Angel with Master Debra Soul

Angel Guides always assists you in your journey. Come learn about your Healing Angels

October 24   7- 9 pm

With Expert Laurelle Rethke- What Crystal will assist you? Clear your chakras, feel the vibrations from healing crystals and see the transformation

Nov 7    7pm – 9 pm

Past Life Regression with Divine Debra – Explore where you’ve been in your past lives

Nov 14    7 – 9 pm

Singing Bowls have created a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Come listen and heal

Nov 21   7 – 9 pm

Essential oils – Learn everything you did not know about Essential Oils. Learn how to cook with them too for Thanksgiving. Find out which oils are best for you. All will be muscle tested

Dec 5   7- 9 pm

Essential Roller Bottle making with crystals with Debra Soul- What Essential Oil with infused crystals will elevate you?  Come play with the oils . Make your personal roller bottle. Great gifts for the holidays

Dec 12   7- 9 pm

Soap and lotion making infused with essential oils.  Treat yourself or make great personalized gifts for the holidays

Dec 19   7 – 9 pm

Jewelry Making- Pick your healing crystals and stones and make your jewelry piece with Lauren. Great personalized healing gifts for the holidays

Jan 2  7 – 9pm

Getting to your vision and stop procrastinating with Tippy Stein

Learn techniques to get to your New Year, New You goals

Jan 9   7- 9 pm

Vision Boards – Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. What we focus on expands. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  Start the New Year right. Come create your visions.

Jan 16  7- 9 pm

Hand mantras -They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within. Hand mudras will be explored step by step to add something new to your practice

Jan 23  7- 9 pm

Angel Card Readings- Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards, and can be an extremely powerful tool for those seeking insight and guidance into their life. ..Come journal and find the answers you’ve been seeking

All workshops will be held in Chelsea NYC
Reservations required –limited space   @healingworkshopwithsoul FB Page

$15 per workshop –materials extra
Reserve all workshops- get one free
Call 347 -968-09

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