Mercury Retrograde

Goodbye 2016—— Hello 2017

But Yes —–There Is Still Mercury Retrograde


Some say 2016 has been the year from hell for them.  We have seen political campaigns like never before and upsets, Racial Rioting, Police Brutality and Brutality to the Police, like never seen before.

Could this be a part of Mercury Retrograde?  Which some have said has been stronger than other years.

2016 had the following Mercury Retrograde dates:


January 5 to 25 – April 28 to May 22- August 30 to September 22- August 30 to September 22.  That was a big chunk of time.


In 2017 the calendar is of follows:


December 19th –January 8th – April 9th– May 3rd –August 12th –September 5th– -December 2nd –December 22nd.


How have the past Mercury Retrograde dates impacted on you? Do you recall?  Perhaps you journaled? Kept a diary and can look back, recall those dates.  Has there been more miscommunication, stress, anger?


Mercury has been found to be most potent on the first and last days of its retrograde journey.


During Mercury Retrograde communication is of the most utmost concern.  Mercury commands over all types of communication – listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. It rules all trails of papers to legal documentations to computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel.


When this planet retrogrades, these areas spin out of control and disturb our electronic and our internal processing. We can lose data, process data slower our internal and external connection, which includes thinking slower, processing communication slower, slower connections via our electronics and our thinking patterns.


Typical communication becomes unreliable, filled with misinformation where important data is missing or misunderstood. It slowers our connections personally, via computers, phones and at our airports.


You may send a text or email and it may not be received or it may be received and misconstrued.  You can speak your words, but the words you are saying, may not be interpreted as it is being implied.   People are not being fully aware or present as they are typically or should be.


People therefore get stressed out, confusion develops; anger propels.


What to do?


Here are some tips practical & spiritual:


-Prior to Mercury Retrogrades at least a week or two, buy any electronics, fix any auto repairs.

-Day before back up your hard drive, plan ahead, have empathy, be prepared for angrier people and miscommunication.




-It is a good time to re—— reconnect, reassess, revisit, readdress, redo, and redesign our plans. Life is short; we are typically always busy –always rushing.  This period gives us some time to reflect on our needs, wants and desires. Mercury retrograde allows us to stop, look, listen, and redirect our energies more productively when we listen closely. Mercury also helps us find closure to certain situations that tend to need to have closure.




Not to Do


It is not a good time to fix or buy anything electronic computers, cars etc.

Only have emergency surgery as even doctors are prone to be “off judgment” as with all us other humans.


Do not negotiate legal contracts, buy a house, will, business, marriage etc


Travel -expect delays and remember to pack belonging and bring your passport and tickets.  You may have memory lapses during this period.


What you can do —BE PRESENT —WATCH YOUR WORDS – SAY DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEANT?  Clarify with a question to ensure people properly understood you correctly.


When something has gone astray and spins out of control call in your “HIGHER POWER”.  It could be your Higher Self, your G-d, your Angels, Your Buda, Jesus Christ, Allah, your higher Energy Force, your guides,

whatever you resonate with.  This process will assist you in becoming PRESENT AWARE & COMMUNICATING with Ease.

Find a quiet place- phones off- – eyes closed -be aware of your breathe take a deep breath-all the way  deep into your stomach and exhale deeply out , there is no place safer than to be in your own body so let yourself relax and let go.

Envision a golden light surrounding your body showering you with the freedom to relax and let go, feel the wave of energy running through your body and its going to your heart. Now and a golden cord is developing to your heart – it is opening your heart and making space for Awareness, Presence & Communication.  And that golden cord is opening your heart bigger and bigger breath in and out ahhhh


Feel your heart getting bigger  and that golden cord from your open big heart is going to go through your heart with gratitude and love to your higher power , whoever that may be it could be your higher self  your god your angels your spirit guides your Buddha—- take that golden cord from your open big beautiful heart and whatever you are grateful for no matter how big or small it may be,  anything from  as  waking up this morning to however big you want to be grateful for and send that up with the golden cord which is beaming with  loving energy and gratefulness through your big open heart -through your throat- to your third eye( which is  right  about 3 fingertips above your nose in your forehead in between your eyes ), it’s all intention , no worries, its going through your crown ,(top of your head) and that  beautiful energy golden cord  filled with gratitude and love is going to reach out to your higher power or  your higher self whoever, you are choosing, and you are asking for assistance with presence, awareness, communication– please help me to become present become aware, improve my communication  –stand with me –guide me -protect me- in a bubble of light and love -so I may  communicate –to the best of my ability – and the heartlink will connect and they will answer and the golden cord will come back down 100% more  with gratitude love and energy that you sent up. It will come back down filled with divine love to receive and give out and fill with you with divine awareness presence and great communication skills.


The energy flow will come back down the way it went out; in a reversed state. It will come back 100 percent stronger to guide you in this process and  it will be there with you; to support you and protect you and assist you and when you feel your higher power grabbing that golden energy cord start bringing it back down with gratitude and love and energy through your crown top of your head, through your third eye lower forehead, through your throat and the  beautiful golden cord is moving back to your big open heart that is ready and willing to be present and communicate. It is now in your heart and your heart is feeling so blessed to receive all this divine, energy and protection in a divine bubble of golden light and love. And feel your heart– place your hands on your heart and feel that divine love that you are receiving right now —in this moment —doesn’t that feel awesome.   And we can take that presence and clear communication and love with the golden cord and send it to a loved one and to each other.


Take your hand place it on your heart envision a loved one and with your hand send it to that person. We can even take that golden cord send intend it to a person who has hurt you and you haven’t forgiven. That person will receive it.


This Heartlink will help you not only for Mercury Retrograde helping for Presence, Awareness, Communication, you can intend it for love peace, forgiveness, health whatever your intention may be  and it will be done for whatever does not serve you in your journey in this life.


May this New Year bring you a much better brighter brilliant belief in yourself and others.


Many Blessings and Heartlinks of Joy & Peace


Debra Soul




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