As a Minister and a Holistic Practitioner, I offer a diversity of spiritual or civil ceremonies. I am passionate that each wedding ceremony is as unique as each couple, customized to every last detail.

Whether you’ve chosen a private ceremony at the beach or a candlelit reception venue I will guide you in planning a wedding ceremony which reflects your relationship, making your day the most it can be, as you define it.

“The ceremony is the most important meaningful part of your day. Let me help you make it Romantic & Memorable!”

It will have the flavor you desire filled with love and joy for all to share at a great rate.

I am committed to bringing the utmost professionalism, dignity and meaning, appropriate to the importance of your occasion, focusing on your wishes and desires.  It would be an honor for me to serve as your wedding officiant. Please call Debbie at (347) 968-0908 to book your wedding

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