Israeli Dance with Leng
is pleased to partner with
Debbie Soul

For an Invigorating, Israeli Dance Party
Sunday, January 31, 6:45 PM ā€“ 10:00 PM
Join us at East Midwood Jewish Center, 1625 Ocean Avenue (Ave K & L)

Have fun and learn Israeli dances ā€“ learn about Essential Oils and how both can enhance your well being! Enjoy light, kosher refreshments !
Israeli dance is not only fun, but also offers physical and mental benefits!
Come at 6:45 PM to learn basic steps and dances !

Then participate in the opportunity to learn how Essential Oils can which can
give you the ENERGY to dance the night away!

Contribution: Only $5

FREE SAMPLES of Essential Oils!!
Essential Oils & Your Well Being
Are you looking for natural ways to enhance the well being of your body, mind, and spirit?
Essential oils are Nature’s pure, potent and powerful gifts that could:
– help to create a calmer inner and outer environment – contribute to a restful night
– Cleanse and soothe the skin, and improve appearance – support your immune system
– Take the edge off muscle soreness – help to ease the effects of upset organs

Join us and learn how to safely use essential oils, and about the ways in which they could lift your spirits, clear your mind, and give your body the boost it’s been waiting for.

Enter our PRIZE DRAWING and you’ll qualify to win an essential oil, and a Wellness Consultation.

RSVP Debbie Soul 347-968-0908

All wecome young and old
Singles and Couples

Come dance
Meet new friends
Get Energized

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